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Kapital Banc’s business is designed to accommodate the needs and desires of financial institution, businesses & clients, both domestically and internationally by providing “flexible, cost-effective, and service-oriented for the financial systems, software’s, digital currencies & banking logistics”.


All investors in Kapital Banc will have wallets within our KB-Wallet where you can purchase and trade gidital currencies. The trading happens between consenting parties with no broker and it is tracked on digital ledgers by the holding company.

Digital Currencies

Digital currencies can be transferred between entities or users with the help of technology. This version of currencies has already predominated most countries’ financial systems. Although it is similar to physical currencies, digital money allows borderless transfer of ownership as well as instantaneous transactions.

Financial News


Dealing with the impact of sanctions on financial instruments

EU and US sanctions against Russia and China has created a new compliance burden for all segments of financial services. The latest Executive Orders placed on China by the US also imposes indirect sanctions on financial instruments issued by sanctioned entities.

Sanctions of this nature are unprecedented and make it imperative that organisations trading financial instruments remain compliant and avoid violating sanctions regulations, which can result in potentially significant financial and reputational damage.

• How EO 14032 will impact compliance policies relating to China
• An update on how securities are sanctioned by OFAC, the UN, the EU, and the JMOF
• Challenges associated with sanction compliance for financial instruments
• Best practice for identifying sanctioned entities and screening funds
• Practical example with World-Check Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence

  • Leaked Memo Claims New York Times Fired Artists...

    Redundancies Amid its ongoing lawsuit against OpenAI, the New York Times' union is claiming that the paper is firing human artists to replace them with artificial intelligence. In a memo viewed by The Wrap, the New York Times' Guild said that firing nine out of the newspaper's 16 artists  "reflect[s] a broader mindset that puts cost savings

  • US Bitcoin ETFs Record $226M in Outflows,...

    U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) experienced a decline on Thursday, with $226.21 million in outflows recorded during the trading sessions. Fidelity’s FBTC saw the largest outflows, with $106 million exiting the fund. Massive Outflows Strike U.S. Bitcoin ETFs On Wednesday, the 11 spot bitcoin ETFs attracted $100.8 million, but on Thursday, they faced net

  • Boeing Hasn’t Sold a Single 737 Max for Two...

    Bottom Of Everything Boeing's sales have slumped in a huge way this year — and for two months straight, nobody has purchased a single 737. As the Associated Press reports, Boeing has not only failed to sell any 737s over the past two months as consumers and airlines grow more and more concerned about whether its

  • Meme Coin Prices Crash But Traders are Backing...

    The meme coin market is in a tailspin, with prices crashing across the board. However, one project is bucking the trend. PlayDoge (PLAY), the nostalgic gaming token, has now raised over $4.2 million in its ongoing presale as retail investors pile in. Meme Coin Mania Cools as Market Turns Red It’s been a gloomy week

  • Donald Trump Proposes Elimination of US Income...

    U.S. presidential candidate and former 45th President Donald Trump has been proposing the idea of eliminating the country’s income tax and substituting it with tariffs. Trump Discusses Tariff-Based Revenue System With Republican Lawmakers On June 13, Donald Trump met with Republican lawmakers in Washington and reportedly discussed abolishing income tax. According to sources from several

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