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Kapital Banc’s business is designed to accommodate the needs and desires of financial institution, businesses & clients, both domestically and internationally by providing “flexible, cost-effective, and service-oriented for the financial systems, software’s, digital currencies & banking logistics”.


All investors in Kapital Banc will have wallets within our KB-Wallet where you can purchase and trade gidital currencies. The trading happens between consenting parties with no broker and it is tracked on digital ledgers by the holding company.

Digital Currencies

Digital currencies can be transferred between entities or users with the help of technology. This version of currencies has already predominated most countries’ financial systems. Although it is similar to physical currencies, digital money allows borderless transfer of ownership as well as instantaneous transactions.

Financial News


Dealing with the impact of sanctions on financial instruments

EU and US sanctions against Russia and China has created a new compliance burden for all segments of financial services. The latest Executive Orders placed on China by the US also imposes indirect sanctions on financial instruments issued by sanctioned entities.

Sanctions of this nature are unprecedented and make it imperative that organisations trading financial instruments remain compliant and avoid violating sanctions regulations, which can result in potentially significant financial and reputational damage.

• How EO 14032 will impact compliance policies relating to China
• An update on how securities are sanctioned by OFAC, the UN, the EU, and the JMOF
• Challenges associated with sanction compliance for financial instruments
• Best practice for identifying sanctioned entities and screening funds
• Practical example with World-Check Financial Instrument Risk Intelligence

  • Report: Google Launches Blockchain Division

    The software behemoth Google has reportedly started a new blockchain-based division inside its Labs group. The division will also deal with other distributed computing and data storage technologies. While the company has been wary of associating with any form of cryptocurrency, Bill Ready, Google’s president of commerce, stated on January 19 they were paying a

  • Bithumb to block crypto withdrawals to unverified...

    Bithumb users in South Korea have just two days to perform another round of KYC in order to whitelist their personal wallets, or crypto withdrawals will be blocked. Starting on Jan. 27, the South Korean crypto exchange Bithumb will not allow users to withdraw their crypto assets to unverified private wallets.On Jan. 24, the exchange announced that it would be the second of the four major exchanges in the country to ban withdrawals to unverified wallets. Coinone enacted a […]

  • LBank Exchange Will List ADENE (ADEN) on January...

    PRESS RELEASE. INTERNET CITY, DUBAI, Jan. 25 2022 – LBank Exchange, a global digital asset trading platform, will list ADENE (ADEN) on January 27, 2022. For all users of LBank Exchange, the ADEN/USDT trading pair will be officially available for trading at 18:00 (UTC+8) on January 27, 2022. The gambling industry has become an

  • Paris Hilton says that the Metaverse will be the...

    The pop-culture princess gifted everyone in the audience at ‘The Tonight Show’ with an NFT from her new upcoming collection with Super Plastic. The OG influencer Paris Hilton has continued her crusade into the Metaverse, saying that she sees it as the “future of partying, going out, interacting with people, and being social”.On Jan. 25, Hilton appeared as a guest on the ‘Tonight Show’ with Jimmy Fallon, where she spoke about her experiences in the NFT […]

  • Myanmar Military Government Proposes to Jail...

    Myanmar’s military-ruled government is proposing to enact laws that will see users of virtual private networks (VPN) and digital currencies being jailed for up to three years. In addition, offenders will be made to pay fines of up to $2,800. Draft Bill Open for Comments Myanmar’s military-ruled government is proposing to enact a law

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