About Us

KAPITALBANC Ltd is an International Financial Institution with offices in Zug, Washington DC, Wyoming, Ibiza, London, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Singapore, Zurich, Miami, Lithuania & Estonia.

International clients have chosen Kapital Banc as a result of its outstanding service, along with its competitive and unique banking, trust, privacy and asset protection.

Kapital Banc’s business is designed to accommodate the needs and desires of financial institution, businesses & clients, both domestically and internationally by providing “flexible, cost-effective, and service-oriented for the financial systems, software’s, digital currencies & banking logistics ”.

Kapital Banc’s core focus is to serve corporate, businesses, families’ individual goals while preserving family wealth in perpetuity.

Additionally, KapitalBanc administers all types of non-financial assets, e.g., closely-held stocks, limited partnerships, residential and commercial real estate, oil and gas interests, offshore entities, bullions etc.

Lastly, Kapital Banc receives support from its subsidiaries company, around the globe, to provide sales, marketing, and technical support, as well as software programming, algorithms, publications, speeches, trust planning and consulting.